Project features of EnviZion (1) POC and IP DAO

Envizion Official
3 min readNov 28, 2021

People will look at new things with their past experience. Of course, this is normal. Blockchain is a special tool that changes the world by changing the system, rather than changing the system by changing the world like the Internet.

Therefore, for blockchain projects, the possibility of changing the world is not scarce, but the path of change is the most important. In the financial sector, blockchain has achieved significant success. Everyone has seen the prosperity of DeFi. Compared with traditional banks, its cost is lower, the procedures are more convenient, and the ownership of assets is more secure.

The financial system, almost entirely composed of mathematics, provides convenient conditions for the reform of a new system, or in other words, it is not easy to encounter the interference of sociological factors. When the scope of our reform is expanded beyond finance, we will encounter more challenging issues. In traditional society, the system is maintained by people. When people want to maintain it through contracts, how should we build a brand new one? system.

In fact, this is not a new subject, but it is the core subject.

We respect Satoshi Nakamoto BTC because it invented POW, which is the most basic system. It established the foundation of the entire industry. In all subsequent projects, everyone has absorbed wisdom from it. Its essential spirit is the incentive system guaranteed by contracts.

Today, when we want to expand POW to POC (Proof Of Creation), we have stepped into a new field. The following are the basic principles of the POC system

1 EnviZion will provide a valuation method based on each universe, which includes indicators such as the number of content creations, the number of participants, and social media influence.

2 Based on the POC (Proof Of Creation) mining mechanism, the release of each fund must be accompanied by a valuable workload.

3 Before the corresponding amount of valuable creation is produced, a large number of funds are in a sealed state. This is another state of staking. 50% of EVZ token will be issued in this form, which determines the core value-added of EVZ currency logic, it is similar to BTC in NFT.

POC faces more human factors than POW, but it is a step forward. When the rules can accommodate human uncertainty, the scope of the entire blockchain industry is greatly expanded. It is a step of connecting the virtual world to the real world.

Obviously, the distribution of POC cannot be based solely on the results of simple mathematical calculations. IP DAO is used to help us distribute the universe fund.

It needs to combine sociology and mathematics. We need to consider more details. For example, when a large amount of content is produced, the machine obviously cannot fully understand human writing art, and we need to combine human judgment. But it will face human energy problems. How to categorize different judgment types, layer them, and batch them, needs to be designed. This part of the work is also very interesting. It allows us to look at creation from a new perspective, which is a statistical perspective.

Many people are deeply impressed by our panda, haha, don’t be fooled by its beautiful appearance, it is the key to a universe, it is not the only protagonist. Of course, it has a special value, and when you pledge it, it can help you get the universe fund. For more panda information, we will introduce it in the next article.